Welcome to Whax

Who We Are

Whax is a family run candle, diffusers and room spray business based in rural Herefordshire. Our team of artisan chandlers all work for us because they share our passion and enthusiasm for quality, fair pricing and quality of every aspect of creating a great British product. We believe that this makes us different from other producers - just ask our clients.

Our Products

All our products are "poured by hand with passion" and quality is controlled at every step. Our team pays full attention to every detail from the beginning of the process right through until each item is boxed with love ready to be delivered to our valued customers.

The keen and sharp eyes of our passionate artisan chandlers and their drive to exceed expectations at every level make our products the best. You just can’t buy the kind of love that our team pour into every product they make.

Valued Partnerships

We work with our customers as valued business partners from concept, design and right through to the finished product. We work with trusted and dedicated supply chain partners so that you can be certain of the quality and integrity of all the materials used in our products so we can exceed your expectations.

We treat our supply chain partners, staff and clients with enthusiasm, passion and above all the belief that we all work together to produce and deliver the best products.

Our mantra throughout the entire process is to manage your expectations and to communicate clearly from first enquiry to the time when your product leaves our factory. 

We believe in an open, approachable and friendly way to everything we do and who we choose to do it with. It is our fair and real-world approach that has led to our success and is the base of our future business development. Like-minded people doing like-minded business for like-minded reasons and methods all sharing the same belief in the quality. 

We Don't Just Sell, We Serve Our Customers Needs

Loyalty, respect and trust are everything to us at every level of our journey from concept design, material resourcing, production, marketing, selling, and consuming. From start to finish we want to be involved and develop great foundations so that wonderful opportunities can evolve for everyone involved. We don't just want to deliver great products, we want to make sure the end-customer is delighted.

We do not profess to be the cheapest contract manufacturers on the market. The thing that makes us different is our belief in quality, communication and the fact we are committed to providing a great service. Our ethos and unique approach has seen growth in all areas with long lasting relationships being forged. We are small enough to care but big enough to deliver every time!

Building Emerging Brands

Our passion for supporting developing and emerging brands is second to none in the market - we aim to work with you from start to finish. Watching your brand grow makes us proud to be a key part of your success! Our relationships and skills have seen our product ranges and client’s brands expand into global markets. Whax candles are now available in the UK, Europe, Australia and the USA.

We are producing quality products for boutique brands and multinational global brands. We believe that being unique is key - we look forward to hearing from you to see how we work together to grow your business. If you believe in quality, a fair price and hand produced products produced with the best ingredients then let's talk and see how we can help you to grow your range and bring the best of British to your shelves.

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